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Crisis Management Lab

Built and opened in November 2008, the Crisis Management Lab conducts lectures and case studies on crisis management. During the past three years, more than 15,000 participants attended training organized by the lab. National leaders including Xi Jinping, Li Yuanchao and Yu Zhengsheng have visited the lab.

Under the guidance of national leaders and CELAP requirements, the lab recreates a crisis scene for participants to handle. To meet the challenges, students have to play various roles to deal with all kinds of simulated crises, such as massive incidents, urban rehabilitation, urban management, enterprise crisis and public health issues.

When conducting case studies, the lab switches participants into teachers, who can share their experiences in a classroom-turned crisis scene.

Working as a team, the lab has collected cases to illustrate “new knowledge, new theory and new practice” in handling crisis cases, such as land requisition issues, labor disputes, environmental pollution, legal issues, illegal fund raising, energy development, ethnic groups’ disputes and massive incidents. Courses include media treatment, policy-making and management, prevention and control of massive incidents. Most of the teachers of the lab are full-time faculty of CELAP, who are also in charge of national social sciences projects.  


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