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[Journal of CELAP]Centenary Endeavor of CPC: “Issues” and “Ideologies”

Centenary Endeavor of CPC: “Issues” and “Ideologies”

WANG Xianjun

(College of Marxism, Anhui University of Chinese Medicine, Hefei, Anhui 230012)

Abstract: The centenary endeavor of CPC in some sense is a process of integrating and consolidating the “issues” and “ideologies.” Chinese progressives chose Marxism as the guiding ideology and therefore settled the issue of where China should go in modern times. After establishing Marxism as the guiding ideology, the CPC has resolved consecutively the major issues of practice on its path of China’s revolution, construction and reform, has achieved the tremendous transformation for the Chinese nation to stand up, grow rich, and become strong, during which Marxism has also been greatly enriched and developed.

Key Words: Communist Party of China; issues and ideologies; adapting Marxism to Chinese conditions; the Party’s innovation theory