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CELAP Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Fudan University


On August 30, Prof. Cao Wenze, Executive Vice President of CELAP, met with Jiao Yang, Party Secretary of Fudan University, Prof. Xu Ningsheng, President of Fudan University, and FDU’s participants who attended the opening ceremony of the program on “learning from General Secretary Xi Jinping's July 1 speech and strengthening political ability”. After the ceremony, the two parties signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement (or “SCA”) between China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong and Fudan University.


Prof. Cao Wenze, on behalf of the academy, extended warm welcome to Jiao Yang. He noted that Fudan University is a China-leading and world-renowned comprehensive research university that undertakes the important task of serving the country's major strategies and cultivating outstanding talent for the realization of national rejuvenation. Fudan University has an exemplary role to play in the national initiative to build world-class universities with Chinese characteristics. Since its establishment, CELAP has received vigorous support and selfless help from Fudan University as a council member in terms of academic discipline development, teaching and scientific research, and faculty building. Recent years have seen strengthened communication and deepened cooperation between CELAP and Fudan University as part of an effort to implement the guidelines of the Meeting of Shanghai Coordination Group for Supporting CELAP's Construction and Development. Attaching great importance to this program, CELAP has elaborately designed the training plan and created tailored teaching scheme to ensure the quality of training. Prof. Cao hoped that the two parties would take the opportunity of the program and the signing of the SCA to establish a sustainable, robust, complementary, and mutually beneficial partnership between the two institutions in discipline development, talent cultivation, exchange and cooperation in scientific research, and faculty building for more fruitful results. The academy will continue to rely on, integrate into, and serve Shanghai in accordance with the requirements of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. It will vigorously boost the new development of Fudan University in the new era and make new contributions to China's educational endeavor.

Jiao Yang expressed sincere thanks to CELAP for its substantial support and arrangement of the program. She noted that as the new semester approaches, Fudan's initiative to organize all middle-level officials for intensive training at CELAP is an important measure to study and implement the guidelines of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s July 1 speech, the 27th National Work Conference of Higher-educational Institutions on Party Building and to strengthen the development of political ability. The fact that the Executive Committee of CELAP specifically reviewed the training plan of the program and relevant departments of CELAP strengthened communication and coordination in preparation for the program fully demonstrates how much attention CELAP pays to the program and how profound the friendship between the two institutions is. She expected the two institutions to strengthen exchange and cooperation in teaching, scientific research, faculty building, and discipline development, in line with the major strategies of the Party and the country. She also hoped that the level of teaching and management of both institutions will be improved through a complementary partnership.