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[Journal of CELAP]Exploration into the Evolution of CPC Admission Ceremony in Its Early Phase

Exploration into the Evolution of CPC Admission Ceremony in Its Early Phase


(Department of Teaching and Science Research, China Executive Leadership Academy Jinggangshan, Jinggangshan, Jiangxi 343600)

Abstract: Along with the development of revolutionary situation, the admission ceremony of CPC in its early phase also went through different phases, from the early beginning, initial trial, and then to continuous development. At the early beginning, there was no admission oath taken in the ceremony. At the initial trial phase, oath taking was officially applied. At the continuous development phase, oath taking forms were explored boldly by Party organization in different areas. After ten years of cumulative experience and exploration in admission ceremony at the early phase of CPC, it had formed distinct political, class, advanced, oriental and binding nature and it also had displayed distinct Chinese characteristics as well as practical and local features of times. We should continue inheriting and developing the excellent traditions of admission ceremony of CPC in the new era and develop it into an important measure for implementing the initiatives by the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee that called on all Party members to remain true to original aspiration and keep mission firmly in mind.

Key Words: early phase of CPC; CPC admission ceremony; admission oath to CPC