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Chinese village develops tourism to lift residents out of poverty

Source: People's Daily Online

By developing tourism, Hetu Ala village, northeast China's Liaoning province, has lifted local villagers out of poverty.

A corner of Hetu Ala village. (People's Daily Online/Tong Zongli)

Previously, residents in Hetu Ala village, Yongling town under Man autonomous county of Xinbin, Liaoning province, mainly earned a living by working on the farmland. Many of them earned an annual income of less than 10,000 yuan (about $1,461), and the village was also blighted by poor infrastructure and backward living environment.

"When I first came to the village in 2015, I found the young people had left their hometown to earn more money, and the village was over 4 million yuan in debt," said Luo Tiancheng, Party chief of Hetu Ala village.