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Zheng Jinzhou meets with President of University College Cork


On March 21st, Prof. Zheng Jinzhou, Vice President of CELAP, met with a delegation from University College Cork headed by its president Patrick O'Shea. Mr. Liu Genfa, Deputy Director General of Dept. of International Exchange and Program Development, attended the meeting. 

Prof. Zheng expressed his warm welcome to the visiting guests, and briefed them on the Academy’s missions and programs, China’s leadership education system, and development of China’s higher education. O'Shea introduced University College Cork’s history, teaching programs and unique strengths, as well as its cooperation with twinning universities in China, and expressed his wish for the two institutions to strengthen cooperation in the field of leadership development. The two sides then made further exchanges on education and training issues.  

Prior to the formal meeting, Mr. Liu introduced teaching laboratories and other facilities on the campus.