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CELAP Network Academy hosts live webcast on poverty alleviation for government officials


As part of efforts to support poverty alleviation in China’s poverty-stricken areas, the Network Academy hosted a webcast for public servants in Jiangkou County (Tongren City, Guizhou Province), with invited experts interacting with them on issues of interest. 

Since November 2018, the Network Academy has launched four online capacity-building programs on improving economic development, governance, political awareness and rural revitalization for local officials. In response to hot-button issues of interest previously collected, the Academy specially invited experts from different departments to share their insights.  

The webcast session was led by Mr. Chen Zhong, Director of the Academy’s Human Resources Department and Director of the Office of the Leading Group for Targeted Poverty Alleviation, and was joined by associate professors Li De, Lin Cunhua and Xiao Jin of the Teaching and Research Department, as well as Ju Xutao of the General Office. Having worked or made field investigations in Jiangkou, these experts were well-positioned to provide advice to local officials, and were warmly welcomed by them at the beginning of the session.   

Chen noted that the webcast was specially launched to build the capacity of local officials working to combat poverty. He urged learners to take advantage of the role of online interactions as an effective means of self-learning and source of motivation, to develop a profound desire to learn without any external forces. He also pointed out that the Academy, in conjunction with Party committees at all levels in Jiangkou County, is exploring new approaches to Party organizational capacity-building at village level, especially in the poorest villages, to give new impetus to targeted poverty reduction and elimination efforts in the county.  

The invited experts shared with learners their take on the ultimate mission of Party members and President Xi’s remarks on poverty-alleviation, ways to communicate with immediate superiors in the fight against poverty, as well as their personal poverty-reduction related working experience in Jiangkou. In a lively atmosphere, they imparted their professional knowledge and suggested solutions to challenges that the audience had encountered.

The webcast was attended by approximately 650 local public servants and employees, who were very appreciative of the Academy’s support and applauded the experts’ deep insight about their county. Some of the learners even invited them to visit Jiangkou for face-to-face exchanges.   

Next, the Network Academy will provide training for government officials from across the country, especially on poverty-alleviation, and further explore effective training approaches and practices, as per its mandate and according to the Program for Education and Training for Government Officials from across China 2018-2022.