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Queens University Professor Gives Lectures on Land Use and Policy Planning

Recently, Professor Hok-Lin Leung of Queens University, Canada gave two lectures at CELAP.  

On 8 March, Professor Leung delivered the first lecture entitled “People-Centric Spatial Land Use Planning” to a program for heads of departments from the Qinghai provincial government. He introduced the Homo-urbanicus concept that he had developed based on the existing spatial planning theories and practices, and shared his view on how to achieve balance between self-good and common good in spatial land use planning in the best interest of the people.

On 10 March, Professor Leung gave a joint lecture on approaches to policy planning and evaluation, together with Professor Wang Zhifeng of the Central University of Finance and Economics, at a program on developing new-type think tanks with Chinese characteristics. He introduced existing theories for policy planning and evaluation, as well as prevailing evaluation approaches, while Wang explained how to implement the approaches using specific cases as examples, followed by an interactive discussion with participants.

Previously, Leung had done a number of lecture tours to the Academy as an adjunct professor, and provided inputs to the Chinese government on urban and regional planning, science and technology, economy and resources. In 2002, he received the Friendship Award from the State Council, the highest award by China to a foreign expert.