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CELAP Celebrates International Women’s Day

On March 5th, CELAP held a conference and cultural workshop under the theme “Happiness and Success” in celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day. Mr. Xiao Bingnan, Deputy Secretary of the CELAP Party Committee, attended the event and delivered a speech. Ms. Jin Lu, Vice Chairperson of the Trade Union, delivered a work report at the conference.  

Mr. Xiao first conveyed the regards and thanks of Prof. Cao Wenze, Executive Vice President of CELAP, for all women faculty and staff members, and extended his own sincere thanks to all colleagues for supporting women at work. He applauded the charisma, humility, wisdom and professionalism of all women at CELAP, and thanked them for their great contributions to the Academy’s development through their political integrity, professional expertise and readiness to take on responsibilities. Believing that women are capable of greatness - quoting the words of Chairman Mao that “Women hold up half the sky”, he encouraged them to keep up the good work in the future to support CELAP’s long-term development, including contributing to a clean political ecosystem and uplifting campus culture, improving the quality of the Academy’s teaching and academic research, and fully implementing innovations introduced to management mechanisms.

Mr. Xiao noted that the Executive Committee attaches great importance to supporting women faculty and staff members and building their capacity. He urged the Women Affairs Committee to identify their worries, concerns, needs and expectations, in order to better help them address challenges and support their career development. 

Ms. Jin delivered a report entitled “Review of Work on Women’s Development in 2018 and Outlook for the Work of the Women Affairs Committee for 2019”. In the report, she said that transmission and innovation would be key words for work to be done for women this year. She added that a task force would be established, dedicated to improving women’s psychological wellbeing and advancing their right to voice and defend their own interests.  

Following the report, Associate Professor Shen Yiwen of Fudan University gave a lecture entitled “How to balance family life and career to become a happy and successful woman”, which was welcomed and well-received by the audience.