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Inaugural Dean of ANZSOG visits CELAP

On September 21st, Prof. Wang Jinding, Vice President of CELAP, met with visiting Prof. Allen Fels, inaugural dean of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) who headed a delegation to the Academy to attend the Sixth High-Level Seminar for Civil Servants of Australia and New Zealand. 

Prof. Wang extended a warm welcome to Prof. Fels and his delegation, and underscored the importance that the Academy attached to developing amicable relations with ANZSOG, while also expressing his wish for the two sides to facilitate visits by Australian and New Zealand government officials to the academy, and forge a productive climate of cooperation. 

Prof. Alan Fels briefed on the Sixth High-Level Seminar for civil Servants of Australia and New Zealand, applauded the quality of CELAP’s training programs and looked forward to the prospect of fresh cooperation with the academy. 

The two sides also engaged in-depth exchanges on China-Australian relations and the China-US trade dispute, among other issues of interest. 

During the visit, participants attended lectures on a number of topics, including the institutionalized leadership development of China, China’s social policies, China’s educational reforms and development, and China on the world stage.