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CCPS, CELAP, CELAJ and CELAY Hold the Opening Ceremony Fall 2016

On September 1, CCPS, CELAP, CELAJ and CELAY held the Opening Ceremony Fall 2016 synchronously via the video conferencing system. Mr. Liu Yunshan, Standing Member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, and President of CPC Central Party School (CCPS), attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech, in which he stressed the need for leaders to study and implement a series of important speeches delivered by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and to strengthen cultural confidence and responsibility, so as to prosper Chinese culture and gather the great power to achieve the Two Centenary Goals and realize the Chinese Dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Mr. Zhao Leji, Member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau, Secretary of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, Minister of the Organization Department, and President of CELAP, CELAJ and CELAY, and leaders from relevant departments of the CPC Central Committee, attended the opening ceremony.



Liu Yunshan pointed out that strengthening cultural confidence put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping embodied CPC’s high level of cultural consciousness and distinctive cultural position, highlighted the important role of culture in the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, and enhanced CPC’s understanding of the role of culture and its development. We should obtain in-depth understanding of the great significance of strengthening cultural confidence from an overall and strategic perspective, hold high the banner of our culture, stick to our cultural ideal, and develop confidence in path, theory and system based on confidence in our culture.

Liu Yunshan pointed out that our confidence in culture was not groundless. The key lies in seeing the deep roots of our culture and unique cultural advantages. The advantages of Chinese culture consist in prosperous and profound fine traditional Chinese culture and vigorous revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture created by our people under the leadership of CPC. What’s more important lies in scientific theory guidance, firm ideal and faith, correct value orientations, and the national spirit with patriotism as the core and the spirit of the time with reform and innovation as the core. Those precious cultural resources, creating enduring and powerful cohesiveness of the Chinese nation and nourishing the development and progress of contemporary China, are the spirits we should firmly uphold and the solid cornerstones supporting our confidence in culture.

Liu Yunshan emphasized that strengthening cultural confidence aimed to realize cultural self-renewal, namely, to strengthen China’s cultural soft power and build a socialist country with great cultural strength. We should always adhere to the direction of socialist advanced culture and put in place the critical guideline of “remembering domestic culture, absorbing foreign culture and looking forward to the future” to all aspects of cultural development. We should respect and carry forward fine traditional Chinese culture, vigorously develop and practice socialist core values, and reinforce the common ideological foundation of concerted efforts. We should participate in cultural exchanges, learn from other civilization, and absorb all the beneficial results of human civilization. We should push forward cultural reform and innovation in its concepts, contents, forms, means, media, systems and mechanisms, and promote overall prosperity of the cultural cause and rapid development of the cultural sector. We should establish people-centered working principle, put social benefits in the first place, strike a balance between social benefits and economic benefits, and enrich people’s spiritual world and strengthen people’s spiritual power with more excellent works.

All the participants of concurrent programs at CELAP, leaders from Organization Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, leaders of the CELAP Kunshan campus and faculty of CELAP attended the ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, Prof. Zhou Zhongfei, Executive Vice President of CELAP, hosted a special study meeting for CELAP Executive Board to learn and discuss the important speech of Mr. Liu Yunshan.