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Prof Lou Marinoff: Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Modern Urban Leadership

The Joint Center for Urban Studies of Oxford University and CELAP invited Prof Lou Marinoff, Chairman of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA), to the 5th Urban Studies Lecture on December 23. The Lecture was presided over by Prof Feng Jun, Executive Vice President of CELAP. Vice President Jiang Haishan, CELAP faculty and staff representatives and members from Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Party School of Pudong New Area attended the lecture.

Prof Marinoff gave a lecture on the topic of Ancient Chinese Philosophy and Modern Urban Leadership. He provided case studies to illustrate how to apply the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophy to urban development and guide our action and practice with philosophy. Prof Marinoff also engaged in a Q&A session with the attendees.

Prof Feng summarized Prof Marinoff’s four philosophical thoughts that can be applied to practice. He also pointed out that at the current stage, we need to focus on application of traditional culture to cultivate our values and views and to solve problems encountered in daily work.


After the lecture, Prof Feng received Prof Marinof’s book donations to the academy’s library on behalf of CELAP. In return, Prof Feng presented the professor with The Governance of China by Xi Jinping and Chinapedia.

The Urban Studies Lectures have been well received since the very first session. More sessions will be arranged in accordance with the needs of academic research and faculty's professional development, and more experts and scholars from home and aborad will be invited to give lectures on urban studies.